About Us

In recent months, we have been receiving women who have been severely traumatized at the hands of the Bedouins who smuggle them across the Egyptian/Israeli border. In seeing the condition in which these refugees arrived, many of them stripped of their identity and both physically and emotionally broken, we recognized that there was a tremendous need to build their sense of self worth and value.

As a number of the women were pregnant or with newborn babies and, in most cases, unable to work outside the shelter, the project had to take place on our property and without extensive training. One of our staff asked the interested women what kind of handicraft they were already skilled in doing. She then purchased the necessary materials and began meeting with the project participants on a regular basis to oversee their work. Within weeks, the women were producing creative and unique pieces of handiwork – crocheted, embroidered, and assembled by hand. The project, named “Africa’s Heart” was born...

We continue to explore possibilities for expanding the types of handiwork produced by the women, and to see even greater professionalism in their work. However, the greatest rewards are in seeing the positive changes in a woman’s self-perception and sense of personal value.